Colleen Dye

Colleen is originally from the Washington, DC area, although she spent the majority of her life moving, including living abroad in Latin America and the Middle East. She developed a great passion for wrestling in high school and became a manager to be closely integrated with the team. After her college years, she started a career as a government analyst and married her husband Mike. They have two elementary age children and are residents of Ladera Ranch.


When Colleen learned that BJJ shares many similarities with wrestling, and both boys and girls are welcome to participate, she enrolled her kids in a class. Colleen and her kids were taken with Jiu-Jitsu right away. Although soccer and surfing keep both of her children busy and provide for incredible fun, the bonds formed between coaches and peers in the BJJ community are unparalleled. Colleen's children have been rolling for more than a year and both of them compete in tournaments. It may have taken over 25 years and a bit of societal evolution, but Colleen is now a BJJ practitioner herself. Her drive to share this sport with others was the catalyst that led her to join forces with Rafael and to start a kid's only BJJ Academy. Colleen believes that Jiu-Jitsu can have a profound impact on the lives of everyone, especially children, who will reap the benefits from skills learned on the mat for a lifetime.